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This is the big sister to the Farmhouse- Small. This large 3-wick candle features a shiny gold rim (black in images is shadow) and a white ceramic bottom. If you are looking for the smaller version of this candle, click here. I developed each scent with Moms in mind. Every scent is based off something we encounter in the everyday chaos and endless joy of being a parent. From the piles of laundry to counting the minutes until bedtime, I hope you enjoy our candles as much as I love making them!


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Available Scents:


Just what it sounds like- unscented :) My mothere has always been sensitive to smells and if that's you too but you like the ambiance of a lit candle- then this is for you!

Signature Scent: NONE.

Kids aren't the only ones that need a timeout sometimes. Moms do it! This is very subtle scent and has a warm vanilla smell. This is the lightest and most neutral of all our signature scents and one I keep on repeat at our home.
Signature Scent: Vanilla

Sunday Brunch
Brunches are my fav! Whether is a brunch with my family or getting together with the girls there’s nothing quite like a good Sunday Funday! This cheerful scent reminds me of sipping mimosas with my best girls.
Signature Scent: Tangerine


Yes please! I mean who doesn't need a staycation? This scent is definitely one I will light year-round; best described as an earthy pear with a hint of floral.

Signature Scent: Pear & Hibiscus

Date Night
Throw on some lipstick, a little black dress and your favorite pair of stihlettos- it’s date night! It doesn’t happen often (in truth, we should be WAY better about making them happen) but when we do get to go on date nights- they’re oh so good! This scent is sexy and sophisticated and is perfect to create your own date night at home!
Signature Scent: Amber & Sandalwood

Yoga Class
This is a subtle scent is a little stronger than the Timeout but still relaxing- just as Yoga Class is! This soft scent reinds me of a sexy version of white tea & vanilla.
Signature Scent: White Tea & Tobacco

Girls Night
I don’t know about you, but when I get with my girls we are loud, cheerful and can fill a room- this signature scent is no different.
Signature Scent: Mandarin & Orange


Also in Spring/Summer Scents:

5 O’Clock
"It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere!”  This scent reminds me of booze in the blender and a pina colada one the horizon. And as a Mom,  there are just some days I’m counting down the minutes until 5pm and it’s social acceptable to pour myself a drink.
Signature Scent: Coconut

Beach Weekend
This luxe scent reminds me of walking the boardwalk to the beach; it’s beautiful combination of salty sea air with a hint of fresh flowers. It perfectly reminds me of the beach without the fake sunscreen smell.
Signature Scent: Sea Salt & Jasmine

Sunset Cocktails
This juicy scent is the perfect summer cocktail of grapefruit and mango - just add alcohol and an umbrella!
Signature Scent: Grapefruit & Mango

Fresh Flowers
PEONIES!! PEONIES!! PEONIES!!Over the years I have become less of a flower person as my cats eat them (odd, I know) BUT peonies have always been one of my favorite flowers. And if it weren't for Lucy, Charlie and Nala I'd have a fresh bouquet all the time- now I'll just light the candle! :) If you love the smell of peonies- this one is for you!
Signature Scent: Peonies

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Farmhouse- Large

  • 5.75''H x 5''W