Small Business Joy

Start a business they said, it will be fun they said...

Reality? Most days it’s chaos. I like to think of myself as CCO- Chief Chaos Officer. Because in reality building and running a small business (any business) can be stressful and rewarding and time consuming and yes, fun too.

It’s not to say that non-parents have it any easier. I believe our capabilities expand as our needs do. It’s part of that whole God won’t give you anything more than you can handle quote that in tough times I CLING to.

Looking back, when I didn’t have Isla I still felt life was chaotic just in a different way. Today’s chaos is a beautiful mixture of trying to be a good wife, parent and business owner. 

Here, I plan to share my journey to finding Joy in everyday chaos. The things I have learned over 13+ years of being a business owner as well as a COO of a multi-million dollar company that I helped grow to over 3500 customers in 67 different counties.... and what I continue to  learn on the daily.

Have I made mistakes? Absolutely. Have there been complete failures? 100%.

But, as John Maxwell said “I don’t want to go through life, I want to grow through life.”

I hope you stick around for the ride. And whether it’s to support my little candle business or you’re here for my life ramblings or you’d like to connect on social media- I’m glad you’re here!

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