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The #1 thing that I get asked is about the scents of my candles. Apparently “trust me it’s goodddd” isn’t enough for people 😉😂 (No, but really, they are!)

SO, I’m gonna take a bit of my own business advice and “give the people what they want” and “answer the question inside your customer’s head”.

I’ll start with the Signature Scents and then move to the 4 NEW Spring/Summer scents.

⭐️Scent Feature: Date Night⭐️

For those of you Sandalwood & Amber lovers, this one is for you.

But ever read a description and are like “yeah, that didn’t help” I mean, what the heck does Amber smell like? Yeah me too. So without restating the ingredients of the scent, I’d describe it as a really good, sexy, men’s cologne.

⭐️ Scent Feature: Time-Out ⭐️⁠

Where are my VANILLA LOVERS‼! 🙋🏼‍I personally don’t love the uber cupcake smell, but I DO love vanilla. ⁠

This soft, subtle and not overpowering (but can still smell it, ya know?) vanilla is what I call a “warm vanilla.” If you’re into wines it’s a “full bodied” vanilla. If you’re looking for a gift and unsure what scent to give, this is definitely the go-to as I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t like the scent and it can definitely be lit all year long!⁠

⭐️Scent Feature: Yoga Class⭐️

"I'm bringing sexy back"

I call this scent the sexy version of Time-Out. It still is vanilla based, but this mysterious scent is a unique blend of orchid, white tea and tobacco mixed into a creamy vanilla.


⭐️ Scent Feature: Sunday Brunch ⭐️

Listen up citrus lovers- THIS ONE IS MY FAV‼

This scent smells straight up like a beautiful mixture of mangos and tangerines and I LOVE IT. Likely more of a Spring/Summer scent, but that’s the time we’re in right now and I’m here 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 it 👏🏻

Unlike the more relaxing and subtle Time-Out scent, this one is cheerful and happy but is equally loved!

⭐️ Scent Feature: 5 O’Clock ⭐️

🎶 Bring me... two pina coladas, I gotta have one for each hand 🎶

I was raised on Jimmy Buffett (and Frank Sinatra). Some of my fondest memories are at his concerts or sitting out on the front porch at my parent’s beach house listening to his classics.

Thus, this particular scent just brings me joy as it brings me back to great memories every time. With my dad at the bar, pina coladas became a go-to cocktail in our house many summer beach nights.

There is no other way to describe this scent other than it smells EXACTLY like that “frozen concoction that will help you hang on” (hang on! hang on!)

If you’ve never experienced a pina colada so that description doesn’t help at all- it’s coconut with a hint of lime.

⭐️ Scent Feature: Beach Weekend⭐️

Y’all let me present to you the first of four new scents, Beach Weekend!! I’m SO excited about these four new scents and it’s SUPER difficult to decide which is my favorite.

I wouldn’t call this a floral scent although it has notes of both jasmine and geranium, this lux scent reminds me of walking the boardwalk to the beach; it’s beautiful combination of salty sea air with a hint of fresh flowers. It perfectly reminds me of the beach without smelling like fake sunscreen 😂

⭐️Scent Feature: Sunset Cocktails ⭐️

I’ll tell ya a secret, when testing scents I like to use my family and friends as guinea pigs 😂 I don’t think they mind TOO much 😉 This one happens to be my cousin’s favorite of the new scents!

This is a juicy grapefruit & mango scent and makes for the perfect summer cocktail - just add alcohol and an umbrella! 😉


⭐️Scent Feature: Fresh Flowers ⭐️


Over the years I have become less of a flower person as my cats eat them (odd, I know) BUT peonies have always been one of my favorite flowers.

And if it weren't for Lucy, Charlie and Nala I'd have a fresh bouquet all the time- now I'll just light the candle! :) If you love the smell of peonies- this one is for you!

⭐️Scent Feature: Staycation ⭐️

Staycation? Yes please!

I mean who doesn't need a staycation?

This scent is definitely one I will light year-round; best described as an earthy pear with a hint of floral.

Nobody which scent (or two... or three... or...) you choose, I hope you LOVE it as much as I do and it fills your home and brings you joy!

- Lindsay

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