Scent Features

The #1 thing that I get asked is about the scents of my candles. Apparently “trust me it’s goodddd” isn’t enough for people 😉😂 (No, but really, they are!)

SO, I’m gonna take a bit of my own business advice and “give the people what they want” and “answer the question inside your customer’s head”.

I’ll start with the Signature Scents and then move to the 4 NEW Spring/Summer scents.

⭐️Scent Feature: Date Night⭐️

For those of you Sandalwood & Amber lovers, this one is for you.

But ever read a description and are like “yeah, that didn’t help” I mean, what the heck does Amber smell like? Yeah me too. So without restating the ingredients of the scent, I’d describe it as a really good, sexy, men’s cologne.

⭐️ Scent Feature: Time-Out ⭐️⁠

Where are my VANILLA LOVERS‼! 🙋🏼‍I personally don’t love the uber cupcake smell, but I DO love vanilla. ⁠

This soft, subtle and not overpowering (but can still smell it, ya know?) vanilla is what I call a “warm vanilla.” If you’re into wines it’s a “full bodied” vanilla. If you’re looking for a gift and unsure what scent to give, this is definitely the go-to as I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t like the scent and it can definitely be lit all year long!⁠