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Maybe This is Bigger Than Candles

I’ll be honest, I started this company on a whim. I had no idea what I was doing and my inner voice told me I’d probably fail. Failure was a word that previously held me back from SO much. But last summer on the beach in Jamaica a seed was planted and I knew “more” would be coming. I craved it. And so I decided “why not?” If nothing else, I’d at least stop spending exorbitant amounts of money on candles. Silly me! I spend more now, just in a different way.

Now my Kolbe score (8-8-2-3) will tell you that typically I am slow to make change. I interpret data first, I don’t just jump in. But I had just thrown a grenade into my life by stepping down from being COO so I definitely did things backwards from my norm. But it was a Pandemic, why not? So, I put my big girl pants on and dove in… dove into research, and courses, and YouTube (man, lots of YouTube). I bought more scents than I can even count. No that’s not true, I can count because I have an excel spreadsheet of them all- 129.


I tested scents and waxes and vessels- oh my!

If this business is going to fail, it will NOT be for a lack of trying.

Towards the end of August I finally felt like I was ready to take my candles to market. I planned this big launch just after Labor Day and then the week before Labor Day we lost Cooper, my 13-year old dog. He was my buddy and it suddenly felt like life was completely sucked out of me. But somewhere in the back of my head I heard a voice. It spoke words I had said SO many times to clients over the years, “good is good enough.”

I had a decision to make; I could let Cooper’s passing be an excuse to push my launch, and that’s absolutely what the old Lindsay would have done, or I could proceed anyway. I knew I was ready and it was only fear that was making the excuse, so I went forward with the launch. And no, not all the candles I had planned got done in time, and yes there were things I had planned to do for the launch that didn’t get done. But I also knew I didn’t plan to just be around for that one day- and it would, in time, get done. In His time.

Over the next few weeks as each order came in EVERY one made me smile. EVERY one humbled me. EVERY one gave me encouragement that I am on the right track.

But it was one rainy Sunday while Isla was asleep that my sister-in-law text me. She and the girls live in Alaska and they supported me by buying two of my candles that my nieces picked out. When the purchase came through, I couldn’t have felt more supported yet terrified at the same time. ALASKA y’all. Well time to test shipping! And on a rainy Sunday afternoon about a week later I go a text from her that the candles arrived, safely (THANK GOD!), and she loved them. My heart smiled, as it does each time someone tells me they love one of them. I put my heart and soul into each candle and I love that others LOVE them.

But when her next text came through, it was then that I stopped and realized that this might just the bigger than candles… her eldest daughter apparently was so excited by the candles she went on to tell her Dad about them in great detail, the benefits of them being clean burning and the scents. And then she went back to her mom and said how she wanted to start her own business, just like me.

She wanted to start her own business because I inspired her to do so, and in some way I gave her the okay that she could.

It was then that I realized this business of mine that has given me SO much joy over the past few months might just have nothing to do with me at all. And His plan has only just begun.

Ava, sweet girl, YOU can do anything you want to in life.

Spark Joy.


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