Maybe This is Bigger Than Candles

I’ll be honest, I started this company on a whim. I had no idea what I was doing and my inner voice told me I’d probably fail. Failure was a word that previously held me back from SO much. But last summer on the beach in Jamaica a seed was planted and I knew “more” would be coming. I craved it. And so I decided “why not?” If nothing else, I’d at least stop spending exorbitant amounts of money on candles. Silly me! I spend more now, just in a different way.

Now my Kolbe score (8-8-2-3) will tell you that typically I am slow to make change. I interpret data first, I don’t just jump in. But I had just thrown a grenade into my life by stepping down from being COO so I definitely did things backwards from my norm. But it was a Pandemic, why not? So, I put my big girl pants on and dove in… dove into research, and courses, and YouTube (man, lots of YouTube). I bought more scents than I can even count. No that’s not true, I can count because I have an excel spreadsheet of them all- 129.


I tested scents and waxes and vessels- oh my!

If this business is going to fail, it will NOT be for a lack of trying.

Towards the end of August I finally felt like I was ready to take my candles to market. I planned this big launch just after Labor Day and then the week before Labor Day we lost Cooper, my 13-year old dog. He was my buddy and it suddenly felt like life was completely sucked out of me. But somewhere in the back of my head I heard a voice. It spoke words I had said SO many times to clients over the years, “good is good enough.”

I had a decision to make; I could let Cooper’s passing be an excuse to push my launch, and that’s absolutely what the old Lindsay would have done, or I could proceed anyway. I knew I was ready and it was only fear that was making the excuse, so I went forward with the launch. And no, not all the candles I had planned got done in time, and yes there were things I had planned to do for the launch that didn’t get done. But I also knew I didn’t plan to just be around for that one day- and it would, in time, get done. In His time.