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The Story

My nanny growing up loved blue glass. I remember as a child going to garage sales to look for anything blue glass; blue glass vases, wine glasses and yes, candle holders.  To this day, blue glass always makes me smile.


In 2002 I began freelance writing and soon after launched my own PR firm that thrived by offering an in-your-face “Guaranteed PR” that was one of the first of its type in the nation. In 2007, I founded CelebritySites®, a full service digital marketing agency. In 2010 I was hired as COO of the Dicks + Nanton Agency, a branding, marketing and public relations agency, servicing more than 3500 clients in 67 different countries. For over 18 years I have dedicated each day to helping entrepreneurs and business professionals build their Digital DNA® and make them the go-to choice in their field.


Along my journey I came across a book called Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Maybe it was right place/ right time but this book fostered the seed in my heart that grew into a feeling I couldn’t ignore.  I had a successful career, but I wanted to 'do more.' In the path to find what that calling was, Rachel talked about creating a "joy list"; a personal list of life's little pleasures that bring you joy so that no matter the day you can always create joy for yourself.  A few on my list? Wine, coffee, blue glass and candles.


My husband will even tell you I’m always on the hunt for a good candle. It obviously has to smell good but I also want it to be something that's pretty to display on the counter; something that warms your home and your heart. And while that may be slightly cheesy- to me, it’s the truth. To me, when I come home from a long day lighting a candle gives me pause and makes me smile. Always.


And thus, Blue Glass Candle Co. was born. Among the piles of laundry, toys on the floor and “hey momma” screams here’s to sparking joy in everyday chaos.


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' this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine'